About Mech Group

The Company


MECH Group was founded in 2011 and is a dynamic and fast growing trading company, representing LUKOIL Lubricants East Europe SRL one of the leading companies in the field of lubricants worldwide. 

Our continuous success and development has led to agreements and collaborations with various companies such as Achem Technology Corporation distinguished in the field of insulation tapes with the WONDER brand.

MECH Group is the official importer and distributor for the Hellenic region and Cyprus of LUKOIL lubricants, subsidiary to one of the largest vertically integrated companies in the world for crude oil and natural gas production and their refining into petroleum products and petrochemicals.

Co-operations of MECH Group with the largest companies worldwide and pioneers in their field have helped in rapid development in the market.

MECH Group pursues a close and mutually beneficial relation with its customers – consumers and responds to their questions and needs with a flawless, well trained and fast network of partners.

The Company


Our wish and aim is the consistency, quality and support of the products we distribute as well as the services we offer. Playing a small part and being associated with one of the largest conglomerates taught us very important lessons on our corporate behavior, but without expense on our flexibility to tailor towards the demands of the markets we are addressing. As a result we kept our identity, we continue building our network and educate it towards our products and services in a professional manner.

The Company


In MECH we are bound to a certain way of thinking and operating that values its employees and partners.


We try to excel in every aspect of our business that we are involved with. Offering the best services we can causes no unnecessary harm, we aim to use our business model to inspire and implement solutions where others cannot. A company thrives when it pleases its customers, employees, partners and investors. Our success is measured not only in achieving this but to keep attached to the same principles that got us here in the first place.



The cornerstone of any transaction, we do as we say and we trust the people we are associated with and their abilities.


We care not only for our job but also for our colleagues, customers and fellow human. We have excellent relations, love what we do and create equal opportunities to grow to everyone that is willing to work with us.


Building from zero taught us many valuable lessons. None was more important than to keep persevering our goals and dreams. We are not scared of taking calculated risks or failure. We are committed to our cause.